The Blueprint

Build your life on a solid foundation

$14.99 USD

Goals. Objectives. Tasks.

A single place for all of your goals, objectives and tasks. Everything you need at your finger tips to achieve your goals and get more done.

your goals. faster.

The Daily Action Plan

Take action with the daily action plan. Tackle each day with clarity and certainty. Write down your top goals. Outline your morning rituals. Keep track of the actions and tasks you need to complete today. NOTE TO SELF: ‘I crushed it today.’

Only one you. Only one Blueprint.

Now it's personal. Write your name on it, mark it up and make it your own. There's only one Blueprint. There's only one you. The only question is when are you going to start?

Fully Customizable

Print it out. Bind it. Slide it into your folder. Or mark it up on any of your devices. The Blueprint is designed to be flexible and fit into your life. Customize it your way. Do it your way.

Make it your own.

All our guides are digital books. Available Instantly World Wide.

The Blueprint Digital Guide is delivered straight to your email inbox. With our quick and easy download process you can get started immediately. The Blueprint is a digital download that you print out and work on. It is not a physical copy. The Blueprint includes 2 digital files. The Guide + The Workbook.

$14.99 USD

Get Organized

Organize your life top to bottom with The Blueprint. Tidy up, clear your mind and focus on what matters. The Blueprint gives you the structure and direction you need to build your life on a solid foundation. One step at a time.

Create + Design your life.

Create and design your life without limits. Get your ideas down on paper. Research and explore your possibilities and develop a structured plan to make it happen. No dream is impossible with The Blueprint. 

Make Progress. Get Results.

Every part of The Blueprint process is connected. You take it step by step and work through each part at your own pace. Stay on track, make progress and get results.

never miss a step.

Guide + Workbook.

Ten parts. One Guide. One Workbook. Everything you need to build your life and move towards your purpose. It's a powerful tool and its yours for life.

Print it out and use it on your Devices.

Print your Blueprint out and work on paper. Use it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Grab a stylus and mark it up or grab your favorite pen and write in it. The Blueprint is delivered to you in a universal file format (PDF) so that you can access it anywhere, anytime and on any of your devices.

$14.99 USD