The work from home collection

Get up, exercise and move around throughout the day – to stay energized and focused.

written by Joe Duncan

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to working from home is how we view being productive and what we define as productive work.

This is one of the many things we have worked to address over years with companies and individuals, who struggle with understanding and defining what the overall concept of work embodies.

According the Before‪5am‬ philosophy I crafted and developed years ago – “Work is all things.” That rule especially applies to working from home.

Getting up every 30 or 40 minutes to stretch or to go for a quick walk around the block is considered work in The Before‪5am‬ ecosystem. The main reason why I have embedded those concepts and activities into the work day is to ensure maximum performance, focus, creativity and overall productivity.

Everything from mediation, yoga, running, walking, to journaling and being still for 15 minutes throughout the work day is part of the system we developed to help to create a more mindful and wellbeing focused work environment. Which ultimately leads to a more sustainable, productive and higher performing individual or organisation.

Those same Before5am‬ rules of performance and focus apply when you work from home and often when we work from home, we can be tougher on ourselves than we are at the office or in a more social working environment.

It’s important to break your day up, give your mind a chance to reset and re-focus and ensure that you are performing at your highest level – over a longer period of time.

Get up and move around throughout the day. Don’t get stuck just sitting at your desk or behind the computer all day and night trying to prove to yourself that you are being productive and working hard.

Create the flow of energy and reduce your exposure to burnout and feeling stressed out by getting up and moving around often.

It is now part of your daily work schedule to look after your wellbeing and your mental health.

If you can start to view work in a more holistic way, you’ll find you will have more time throughout the day to fit in your wellbeing & creativity based activities and be able to focus and perform at higher level when you do eventually sit down to do your work.