How to Develop Strong Routines and Habits in Q4


We’re not here to play around and be at the mercy of everyone and everything else this Quarter.

Too much of the year has been lost feeling anxious, frustrated and fearful of life itself.

Let’s turn that all around in Q4 2021!

The first place to start is with the one area of your life you have some control over – your daily routines and habits!

Your situation may have changed, your job may look very different and your home life may be chaotic – but you’ve got to take charge and pull things together, quickly.

Let’s get to work and re-design your routines in Q4 so that you can start to feel more confident and in control of your life.


2021 | OCT – DEC

1. Choose 1 thing you can do each day for yourself, your own wellbeing and happiness. Doing something for yourself and giving yourself time right now will help you to reduce your stress levels and think more clearly.

2. Focus on developing a strong set of morning routines and a simple evening routine. That way you can add structure into your life and start to feel more certain about how the day should look and feel.

Make it easier for yourself to win in Q4 by simplifying your life – wherever you can!


3. Invest some time each day researching and learning more about your industry or sector. The world is a changing place and one of the ways you can bring some certainty to your life is to get ahead of the curve. Stay connected with your colleagues and keep networking – force yourself to stay relevant and make it part of your daily routine.

4. Raise the energy! Every day gets tougher and longer when you allow yourself to be at the mercy of the noise, the news and the drama of the world. It takes its toll on all of us. So you’ve got to be the one who shifts the energy within and around you. Do something each day that makes you feel alive. Work on your passion, create, laugh, make your own noise and make it part of your daily routine to do something that makes you feel a little more alive, it’s that energy and intention that will help you to inspire yourself.

Finally, whatever you do in Q4 2021, make sure that you keep building momentum. You’ve got to start finding ways to build momentum into your life and around the things you do. That starts with your routines and habits!

Go get it this Quarter!