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How to
a journal.

The most important part of keeping a journal is to get into the habit of writing in it once or twice a day.

written by Joe Duncan

There are no rules or right or wrong when it comes to keeping a journal.

Your journal is your sanctuary, your place to think aloud on paper. Your loft to create and design and to dream. Your garden within to tend to your deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions.

If you’re looking for structure, you can find that in every other part of your life. Your journal doesn’t need structure, what it needs is heart and soul. Your journal is a place for you to be real, to be still within and connect with yourself.

As for what you write in your journal, well that’s up to you! But as I always say, if it’s in your head and your heart then get it down on paper. From there you can start to work through your own ideas and emotions in an organised manner.

Write about the past. How you once felt, how you once viewed the world or how you once viewed yourself and the many situations you have faced in your life. Use your journal as a tool to reflect, to understand and to grow.

Write about the future and what you see in your heart and what you believe will one day come to life. Write about your dreams, your vision for yourself and the unseen magic of life. Write about the things no one else could ever imagine or envision.

Write about the present. Have an honest conversation about your feelings, your challenges, your opportunities and the day ahead or the day that has just passed.

The most important part of keeping a journal is to get into the habit of writing in it once or twice a day.

Every morning when I wake up I will write for 30 minutes to an hour and just work through my ideas, my thoughts and my dreams.

The same is true for the evening and I use the evening time to often reflect on the day that has passed and what I will change when the new day arrives.

I circle some of the concepts and ideas that I would like to expand on and make sure I work through those ideas in the coming days and weeks. That way a good idea or thought doesn’t escape me forever.

Finally, I make sure I date each page of my journal and review my notes from past journals every so often. There is always a good life lesson or a new way to view things by looking back at your own story.