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How to
a book.

Get into the habit of reading a book twice. Once for pleasure. Once for implementation.

written by Joe Duncan

Today, I wanted to share a few tips and ideas that might help you when it comes to actually reading and absorbing information & knowledge.

As you guys know I’m a big believer in what I call “the long cut” and that carries through to most things I teach and share with you and reading is no different.

There are no short cuts when it comes to understanding, absorbing and implementing what you read and if you are reading a powerful book that could impact your life, then you want to get into the habit of reading it twice and taking your time to get the most out of the experience.

So my first tip, is to read a book once for pleasure and as soon as you finish it, turn back to page one and read it again to fully comprehend and understand the ideas and strategies that are being shared.

Always take notes, get a highlighter and don’t be afraid to mark things up in your book, think of reading as a project!

Now I know some of you struggle with focusing for any real length of time, especially when it comes to reading a book, mainly because there are no special effects and no surround sound to keep you engaged. So you have to make reading work for you…

Sometimes you might have to listen to music while you read or maybe you have to find an environment that is close to home that you feel comfortable reading in, whatever the case may be do what works for you and if you can only read 10 pages a day before you lose focus, then just do that!

Get yourself into a frame of mind for reading, Turn off your phone, limit your distractions and for those next few minutes or hours, give yourself a chance to escape into the words of the book you are reading.

Finally, whenever you finish reading a book, invest some time going over your notes and expanding upon the ideas and concepts you have just read and think about how you can modify and apply them into your life, right now. Like anything I share with you guys, you have to learn to adapt it into your life rather than take it literally – which is where most people go wrong when reading books.

Hope that helps you guys!