The work from home collection

It’s important to wake up, dress up and start your day at your usual time.

written by Joe Duncan

The key to working from home is to maintain a sense of purpose and structure.

Wake up, dress up and start your day as if nothing has changed. Get into the work day as you normally would and in many cases I’d recommend a higher level of attire, grooming and presentation.

It is ultimately up to you to bring the energy to the environment and the day. So show up, brighter and better than ever before.

The biggest challenge you face when it comes to working from home is that your mind starts to think that you are at home rather than at the office and that quickly puts you into a casual and relaxed mindset.

You have to break that thought process and pattern first thing in the morning, by waking up and starting your day as you normally would.

Many of you will have your family at home with you at this time, which adds another element of stress and disruption as you try and focus on your work in a very uncertain economic and social environment.

Start the day in a powerful way. Run through your morning routines and get to work as soon as you possibly can, because as the day goes on there will be further distractions and challenges to deal with – That’s just the reality of home life.

As a rule, if I am working from home I always wake up much earlier than I normally would and at no point do I allow myself to think that I am at home or that I am there to relax and watch Netflix all day. That all starts with how I start the day and how I prepare myself for the work day ahead.

Although I’ll most likely look in the fridge to see if anything has changed every 30 minutes or so…

The truth is that it is harder to work from home for most people, because you have to be disciplined and keep yourself accountable.

But you can overcome most of the challenges of working from home by waking up, dressing up and getting into the “office” just like you normally would. That’s always the first place to start.

Over the next few weeks as part of our ‘Coronavirus Response Package’, I’ll be sharing and publishing a number of articles featuring our latest thinking, information and data to help you work from home more effectively during the current global challenge we are all facing.